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Immerse yourself in the new frontier of cannabis-themed entertainment: Stoner Games. We are crafting them for the emerging Web3 ecosystem, planning to deliver an engaging suite of high-quality games. Our offerings range from modern interpretations of classic arcade favorites to inventive cannabis-themed trivia challenges, providing diversified gaming experiences for every player, regardless of skill level or preferred game genre.

Stoner Games offers an innovative spin on recreational cannabis consumption, transforming it into an exciting, competitive and rewarding experience. By merging gaming with cannabis culture, we're not only enhancing user engagement but also opening avenues for brands to interact with their audiences in a novel and immersive way.

Our Game Catalogue

The Old School Arcades

Bud Breaker

Experience a fresh take on block-breaking games with Bud Breaker. Navigate a grid filled with hidden traps and cannabis-inspired elements.

Cannabis Kong

A homage to the iconic game, Cannabis Kong pits you against invading strains. Climb your way to victory, one level at a time.

Hash Asteroids

This nostalgic arcade-style game will have you blasting and dodging in a galaxy of fun, testing your reflexes and precision.

Mary-Jane's Journey

Perfect your timing and coordination as you navigate platforms and overcome challenges in this cannabis-themed adventure.

Sativa's Action Games

420 Runner

Embark on a run to collect as many buds as possible while helping your leaf cross the road in this fast-paced, addictive game.

Green Leaf Glider

Defend your buds from pests while gliding through verdant landscapes in this captivating, action-filled game.

Cannabis Conquest

Show off your strategic skills in Cannabis Conquest. Assemble your team and conquer the battlefield in this engaging tactical game.

Joint Journey

Relive the charm of retro gaming as you save your cannabis farm from an invasion. Stay sharp and protect your crop!

Indica's Fun Adventures


A cannabis-centric twist on PacMan: navigate a maze as a cannabis bud, collecting THC crystals while evading law enforcement agents.

Weed Words

Engage in friendly competition in this Scrabble-like word game, where every word is cannabis-related.


Test your rhythm and timing in Puff-Puff-Pass, a game that requires hitting the correct keys in time to a cannabis-themed song.

High-Q Chess

Indulge in a cerebral challenge amidst a cannabis farm setting. Strategize, checkmate, and emerge victorious in High-Q Chess.

Our gaming universe is a dynamic and evolving ecosystem that continuously aims to offer new, exciting, and engaging experiences for our community of cannabis enthusiasts and gamers. Join us in the adventure and redefine your cannabis journey with Stoner Games

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