Q4 2023 āœ… Website V.1 Demo Live āœ… Beta Chatbot Live āœ… Release the First Version of the Whitepaper āœ… Establish Initial Brand Identity āœ… Launch Twitter āœ… Launch Discord Channels āœ… Launch Mirror.XYZ āœ… Add One Industry Advisor to the Founding Team āœ… Local Cannabis Magazine PR and Interviews āœ… Release Tokenomics, Token Burn and Token Vesting Details āœ… Release Stoned Twitter Automated AI Bot āœ… Attend 3 Key Cannabis Industry Expos and Events for Exposure āœ… First Cannabis Brand Partnership āœ… Assemble the core team with AI, WEB3 and community building capabilities.

Q1 2024 šŸ•’ Online Merch Store and Giveaways šŸ•’ Global PR Campaign with the Entire Team šŸ•’ Host BudBuddy Themed Events with High-profile Cannabis Advocates šŸ•’ Launch Exclusive Brand Partnership Campaigns on Social Media Channels šŸ•’ Cross the 1K Followers Mark on Twitter šŸ•’ Launch the First Virtual CoffeeShop in Metaverse šŸ•’ Begin Development of BudBuddy Games šŸ•’ Release BudBuddy AI v1.0 with Enhanced Features šŸ•’ Partner with Influential Twitter and Reddit Communities for AMA sessions šŸ•’ Local Partnerships for Product Integration šŸ•’ Partner with Cannabis-Centric Micro-influencers for Product Endorsements šŸ•’ Assemble AI, Blockchain and Legal Teams to start working on our WEB3 Products šŸ•’ Begin Development of BudBuddy's Blockchain Infrastructure šŸ•’ Release Initial Branded and BudBuddy NFTs Collection šŸ•’ Release 1 AI Business Tool Beta šŸ•’ Release 1 Stoner Game Beta šŸ•’ Start Organizing WEB3 and Merch Giveaways šŸ•’ Start Building the Development & Engineering, Growth Hacking and Expansion Teams šŸ•’ Close the First Investment Round

Q2 2024 šŸ•’ Close Equity Fundraising Round šŸ•’ Launch BudBuddy WEB3 Games and Merchandises šŸ•’ Expand Social Media Strategy with Regular Live Q&A Sessions on Twitter and Reddit šŸ•’ Announce High-profile Brand Partnerships and Launch Co-branded NFTs šŸ•’ Attend Major Global Cannabis Expos and Tech Conferences šŸ•’ Cross the 10K Followers Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn

Q3 2024 šŸ•’ Complete Beta Version of Blockchain Infrastructure and Begin Testing šŸ•’ Host a Global Virtual Event Announcing Blockchain Launch with Celebrity Appearances šŸ•’ Cross the 25k Followers Mark on Twitter and LinkedIn šŸ•’ Announce Partnership with Major Global Cannabis Brands šŸ•’ Release BudBuddy AI v2.0 with Blockchain Integration Features

Q4 2024 šŸ•’ Official Launch of BudBuddy's Blockchain Infrastructure šŸ•’ Unveil New Set of Celebrity-Endorsed Branded NFTs šŸ•’ Partner with Major Cannabis Events for Exclusive BudBuddy AI Sessions and Workshops šŸ•’ Cross the 40K Followers Mark on Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit šŸ•’ Release BudBuddy AI v3.0 with Advanced AI and Blockchain Features

Q1 2025 šŸ•’ Begin Second Equity Fundraising Round for Further Ecosystem Expansion šŸ•’ Launch BudBuddy Podcast Series with High-profile Guests from the Cannabis and Tech Industry šŸ•’ Collaborate with Global Cannabis Brands for Year-end Giveaways and Contests šŸ•’ Cross the 100k Followers Mark on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit šŸ•’ Release BudBuddy AI with New Interactive Gaming Features šŸ•’ Sign Contact with 3 Global Cannabis Brands

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